TRG do not open the phones it sells and we therefore make best endeavours to ensure they are minor faults. We do however expect that there are some issues such as IC issues or water damage that can only be seen once a phone repair has commenced. TRG therefore do expect a percentage of returns with the nature of the items we sell.
TRG offer a hassle free exchange policy within the 14 days of the device being delivered and we issue replacements for these devices.
For any returns the devices MUST be returned back within 14 days to qualify for a replacement, no exceptions will be made. We have a strict 14 days return period as this is what our suppliers give to us. For the avoidance of any confusion, the devices must physically be with TRG within the 14 day period.
If you do not feel you can test items and return the rejects within 14 days then please do not place an order.